Market Sectors


Builders have had to learn much in terms of how we think about spaces designed for learning, reflecting the change and evolution within education.

Market Experience

  • K12 Education
  • Higher Education
  • Laboratories
  • Science & Technology

Schools are now right-sizing and retooling their physical campuses around several related factors: technology, immersive learning, and human well-being.

Our work in academia is diverse. But as trends in education change how we build, one goal is constant: build long-term opportunities for learning, growth, and development.

Preparing students for the next chapter in their lives requires safe environments rich in technology, collaboration, and immersion. We’ve been delivering these environments for both K12 and higher education institutions for more than four decades. Performing arts centers, academic buildings, STEM/STEAM facilities, administration offices, science & technology laboratories, and athletic facilities – all of which are built to become new campus landmarks. We often work on highly congested sites, connecting buildings to shared utilities. With safety as our top priority, we communicate directly with stakeholders to minimize disruptions on campus and respect academic schedules. Every project is supported by analysis, documentation, and ongoing feedback.