Market Sectors


The way we build healthcare facilities has increasingly changed through emerging trends and lessons learned.

Market Experience

  • Hospitals
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Wellness Centers
  • Sports Complexes
  • Specialty Clinics
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities

From small clinics to complex medical centers, there is a renewed focus in healthcare that starts with the built environment

A new healthcare delivery model has emerged: provide a whole health experience within a safe and supportive physical environment. Our team has played a key role in this shift within the Gulf South. 

Rather than simply construct a new facility, we understand that hospitals and their campuses play a much broader role as community centers. Rather than treating illness, they look to prevent sickness and instead focus more on well-being. From small clinics, ER additions, and outpatient facilities to medical office buildings and wellness centers, our team has played an integral role in helping our clients realize their building program goals. All our project managers and superintendents are ICRA (Infection Control Risk Assessment) certified and undergo regular continuing education. We often work on active medical campuses where constant collaboration is vital to keeping patients and staff safe without shutting down critical operations. This is why we’ve been a trusted partner among healthcare providers for nearly 50 years.